Spread over an area of 630 sq km, just next to the Nanda Devi Peak (which is the second highest mountain in India - 7816 m), is the Nanda Devi National Park. It was established in 1980. The first men on record to have reached this Sanctuary, while yet in its pristine form, were the British Mountaineers Eric Shipton and Bill Tilman. The area had largely remained undisturbed till then, except for Tilman's successful attempt on Nanda Devi in 1936. However, from 1950 onwards the increasing number of treks and climbing expeditions to the area has somewhat affected the virgin character of this place. A unique mix of flora and fauna is characteristic of this park. The fauna includes the brown and Himalayan black bears, Himalayan thar, snow leopards, serow and chir pheasants.


Rajaji National Park is situated along the hills and foothills of Shivalik ranges in the Himalayan foothills and represents the Shivalik eco-system. On the map it is located between Haridwar (Latitude 290 56’ 40”) and Dehradun (Latitude 300 20’ North) and 790 80’ E Longitude (Dehradun 780 01’ 15” E (Ramgarh), Chillawali- 770 54’ 30” East).


Rajaji National park is accessible from many directions by road, rail and air. Bus services and overnight trains are available for Dehradun and Haridwar from Delhi and Lucknow. Chila is 8 km from Haridwar railway station which is well connected to major metropolitan cities and 14 km from Rishikesh through Canal Road, 38 km from Jolly Grant airport. Jolly Grant airport which is only a few kilometres away from the Northern boundary of the Park, has a daily 50 minutes flight from Delhi.

Following are the main roads by which one can go to the different areas of Rajaji Park :

1. Dehradun Delhi State Highway: It almost forms the western boundary of Rajaji Park. Mohand is the important station on this road where a forest road goes inside the park.
2. Dehradun, Doiwala, Rishikesh, Haridwar State Highway: This is the most convenient road. By this road one can go to the Ramgarh, Motichur, Kunao and Chila Forests of Rajaji Park.
3. Moradabad, Haridwar State Highway: This is a connecting road between Lucknow-Delhi highway and Haridwar. By this road one can go to the Chila, Gohri, Ranipur forests and forest areas adjoining Haridwar of the Rajaji Park. For easy approach and access, there are several entry gates to the park.

The details are being given below:

Name of Entry Gate Approach Town and Distance Gate Route
Ramgarh Gate From Dehradun 14 km Delhi-Dehradun highway via Clement Town.
Mohand Gate From Dehradun 25 km Delhi-Dehradun highway.
Ranipur Gate From Haridwar 9 km Haridwar-BHEL Mohand Road.
Motichur Gate From Haridwar 9 km Haridwar-Rishikesh or Dehradun Haridwar Highway.
Chila Gate From Haridwar 9 km Via private bus route to Rishikesh.
Kunao Gate From Rishikesh 6 km Via private bus route on Rishikesh-Pashulok route.
Laldhang Gate From Kotdwara 25 km Via private bus route to Kotdwara Chila.


Rajaji National park takes pride in offering its guests a peaceful and tranquil heaven. GMVN offers a Tourist Rest House with AC, Delux, Executive rooms and dormotary facilities alongwith 6 Gujjar Huts, there are also 10 Forest Rest Houses in park, where visitors can stay to enjoy the beauty and splendour of the park. Tourist Rest House is adequately furnished for a comfortable stay. They offer perfect retreat for visitors and nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike. In addition there are many hotels and tourist complexes around Rajaji National Park at Haridwar, Rishikesh, Dehradun and Mussoorie which makes it very convenient to visit the Park.

Charges (Fee and Tariff)

This tariff is according to the Director Rajaji National Park.

Fee and Tariff Indian (In Rs.) Foreigner (In Rs.)
1. Entrance free
(a) For first 3 days
(b) For every additional day
2. Road Fee for vehicle (Light, Heavy) 100.00/500.00 100.00/500.00
3. Camera Fee
(a) Still
(b) Movie/Video


4. Filming Charges
(a) Feature Film
(b) Documentary

2500.00/- per day

5000.00/- per day
5. Security for above
(a) Feature Film
(b) Documentary


6. Elephant Ride
(a) Per person per trip (2.5 hrs.)
Minimum charges per trip
(b) Per student in a group of 6 (1 hrs.)
Minimum charges per trip



Park is open from 15th November to 15th June. It is closed during rainy season.

Contact :

Director Rajaji National Park, 5/1 Ansari Road, Dehradun. Ph: 0135-2621669

Dy. Director Rajaji National Park, Haridwar. Ph: 0133-2425193.

Range Office Chila. Ph: 01382-266757.